Orphan Care Program

Let’s make difference in the life of one Orphan child.
Support an Orphan for $480 a Year.


Qurbani 2016 For $120

Help us to reach your Qurbnai to those in desperate Need. Like former years, Charity Australia  will conduct its “Qurbani Project” for the year 2016. Since 2005, we have been successfully conducting Qurbani Project and have benefited thousands of deserving people all across the Globe. Each year we stretch out to a greater number of people. You can book your Qurbani online. Book your Qurbani Now! This Year cost of Qurbani is ONLY $120

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Multan Medical Complex

A Project of Charity Australia International and Alkhidmaat Foundation Pakistan. Construction has begin.

Thar Complex

Charity Australia is building Thar Complex in Mitthi in co-operation with Al-Khidmat Foundation. Thar Complex will provide following facilities for Thar people

  • Drinking Water
  • Basic Healthcare facilities
  • Education centres for Girls and boys
  • Maternity centre
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Helping Rohingya

This Ramadan, Charity Australia’s Ramadan Care program is dedicated to Rohingya’s Muslims. All Zakat-al Maal , Zakat-ul-Fitr, Sadaq, Fidya and other donations will go directly to Rohingya’s Muslims in Refugee camps in Burma, Thailand, Bangladesh and Indonesia. To ensure they receive your donations in time, please donate your Zakat-al-Fitr as early as possible.

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11406615_821216774625927_8516537814501308331_oThar Complex

Charity Australia through strategic partnership with Alkhidmaat Foundation is building Thar Complex on a 10 acre land in Mitthi. Once completed the Complex will have many facilities including Drinking water for local residents and livestock. Charity Australia’s team is already actively working in the area to provide medical assistance and basic vaccinations for area’s poor residents. Along with drinking water facilities Charity Australia’s Thar complex will have many other facilities including;

  • Educational Centres for boys and girls
  • Hostels for boys and girls
  • Basic Health Care facilities
  • Aghosh (Orphanage)
  • Skill Development Centre

The rationale behind establishing Charity Australia Thar Complex is to uplift Tharparkar and instigate a positive social change in the area. The estimate to complete $400,000.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.40.39 pmMultan Medical Complex

Charity Australia is building Multan Medical Complex on 3.25 Acre on Multan-Muzaffargarh Road, District Multan. Construction of Medical Complex is already begin. Once complete it will provide following facilities in sate-of-art Medical complex

  • Mother and Child Care Centre
  • Eye Hospital
  • Outpatient Department(OPD)
  • Diagnostic Centre
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctor’s Hostels
  • Fully equipped computer lab

Total Cost of the project is 1.25 Million Dollars

Orphan Sponsor

Sponsor an Orphan for $480.00 per year

Qurbani 2016

Book your Qurbani online. $120 each Qurbani.

Donate Your Zakat

This year Donate your Zakat to Rohingya Muslims.

Flood Appeal

Charity Australia has already started relief operation in Flood affected area. Our team in co-operation with Alkidmat Pakistan is already on the ground. Please donate us to help our rescue and relief operation