Charity Australia is a non-profit organisation working for the uplift of humanity through different activities and ideas. So its mission statement is “uplift of human society and helps needy and less privileged people”. It started off with an aim to help victims of natural disasters Tsunami in 2004 and Earthquake in 2005 in Pakistan. Beginning from its journey from one-off help to an organised NGO, it has covered many milestones.


Its foundation was triggered by the Tsunami of 26 December 2004 where few brothers from IFAM (Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims) in Sydney gathered to pool resources for helping the victims. After some time, the public of Pakistan was hit by a severe Earthquake in 2005. They took the initiative to help and speed up the recovery of victims of Earthquakes. Using the presence of Pakistani cricket team in Sydney, they led a big fundraising campaign to carry the aid work for Northern area of Pakistan. But it led to the realisation that there was a need for ongoing rehabilitations of victims in the devastated earthquake area and then they registered organisation to deal with the surge in demand for resources.
Along with this, its scope spread out to different goals being handled in multiple countries. Members of Charity Australia engaged with the diversity of people in order to support relief work like provision of medicines, goods as well as sending medical teams to the suffered countries.
There was a multiple fold increase in their efforts and effects with the co-operation from Al Khidmat Foundation (Pakistan). This foundation particularly worked for rehabilitation and building houses for refugees. One of the prominent projects is Saiban Project in which they build two villages in Balakot (Pakistan). The sustainability of this project attracted worldwide attention. Regardless of the problems like land shortages, they promoted the use of barren land by channelizing resources. For example, new water channels established in the newly developed villages. They achieved this milestone with the help of locals by providing tools, equipment for self-help. So these projects were sustainable, long terms and on-going improvement.


Every year, members of Charity Australia come up with new, unique ideas to raise the bar for humanity. Most importantly, these ideas are backed up by practical steps. In 2010, they build a state of art laboratory in Balakot (Pakistan). It is quite economical and equipped with modern testing equipment.