“Every Child needs a safe, nurturing place to call home, and the chance to achieve their full potential through education, sports and contribution to the society”.

Sadly in Pakistan has a huge number of Orphans around 4 millions: Half of them are deprived of their basic rights.

We need to reach such vulnerable orphan before they get trapped by any non-human factor of the society.

Imagine the plight of so many little souls without the loving attention of a mother or the protective care of a father and sometimes both. Charity Australia is working to bring Hope, Love and Faith to these most vulnerable children of our Society. Charity Australia OrphanCare program outreach hundreds of these children in Pakistan, where we works very closely with one of the most trusted and biggest NGO on the ground AlKhidmat foundations.

Charity Australia is the official partner of AlKhidmat foundations in Australia and working very closely with AlKhidmat foundations various projects including Orphan Care Program,

In last few years Charity Australia has sponsored hundreds of Children in Pakistan through the help of our donors.

Other than just supporting Orphans we have also provided financial assistance to build Aghosh Centers across Pakistan. Where orphans enjoy quality education, sports and accommodations.

Our Donors:

Our primary donors for our OrphanCare programs are from every part of our community including children themselves sponsoring in Pakistan. Some children are sponsoring Orphans from their daily pocket money.

This year our OrphanCare 2017 program has a target of 313 orphans, help us to build a better future for these orphans who will be a contributors to our society one day.

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Charity Australia’s volunteers network remain active throughout the year and specially in Ramadan for this noble cause of finding and securing children with no family support.

Let us help build your path to Jannah and companionship of Prophet on the day of judgement.Sponsor an Orphan Now!